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Best rings to compliment your fingers


Are you thinking of engagement and haven’t decided your ring yet. Then you are at the right place. Different engagement rings flatter different finger types.By the end of this article, you will find the most flattering ring for your unique finger, shape, and size, be it short, long, wide or…

Best 10 Groovy Boho Jewelry

Boho Jewelry

The Boho jewelry style is the hottest trend these days.Let us explore its best styles and how you can style your boho-inspired accessories. The more conservative among us may wonder what is the appeal of the boho style. It is mainly about the free spirit, individualism, peaceful mind in terms…

Top 5 Must Have Women Handbags


Whether it’s a night hitting the dance floor or a going for shopping or family wedding, the right bag can be the final flourish an outfit needs: 1.Leather Bags This hot red leather bag with a detachable shoulder strap is just the ticket for when you need to add a…